Tuesday, April 20, 2010

unikl rcmp: final exam in dip pharmacy sem 1 unikl rcmp...

20.4-S : (9.00-11.00) PHY CHEM
21.4-R : (9.00-11.00/12.00-2.00) BASIC FORM lab
22.4-K : (9.00-11.00) PHYSIO
23.4-J : (o3.00-5.00) IT

26.4-I : (12.00-2.00) IT LAB
27.4-S : -
28.4-R : (3.00-o5.00) INTRO PHARM
29.4-K : (9.00-11.00) BASIC FORM
3o.4-J : (9.00-11.00) BIOLOGY

03.5-I : (12.00-2.00) MATHS

arini stat exam tuk BASIC PHY CHEM..
agak ssh la soklan dy..
but,hope i still have chance to score A for dis subject...


yuzai said...

do the best on your exam..jawab elok2.. don't make the same mistakes that you have done on the past.make sure you have enough rest and preparation and also don't too confident in your answer if you not sure about this. Try to remember everything that you have studies before("master of studies").
Anyway, wish you the best luck in your exam.

h said...


Muzai said...

award 4 u